“It’s about observing a
situation - a process,
object or place in a
fresh way - and
forging it
into something
Artistic Director

Merrill has long harboured a fascination with immersive environments. She grew up in a family with a theatrical and musical background, from which emerged a whole world of vibrant and creative expression. Merrill is inspired not only by theatre and public spaces but also the technology which makes it possible to create a unique narrative for every project.


Merrill has brought her passion from theatre, as well as her artistic eye for the color and spectacle of the stage to her profession. Today her work ranges from bespoke items to residential and commerical interiors, restaurants, clubs, exhibitions and stage sets.


Her team at IDS take a friendly and highly organized approach to each project. Communication and systematic management keeps their clients involved each step of the way, without making them feel overwhelmed.


Much of their work is from return business and referrals: a strong testament to both their creative talent and commitment. They are passionate about their work and want clients to feel nothing less than thrilled with the experience and over all result.